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Top PTC Paid to Click Sites

Paid to click (PTC) sites can offer many benefits for those wanting to earn a part time income from home. But what are the benefits of paid to click sites, and could they be a good choice for you to consider?

What are Paid to Click Sites?

First of all, it’s important to understand what Paid to Click sites are. There are a huge number of different Paid to Click sites online nowadays, and these websites follow a pretty simple business model. This starts with an advertiser, who promotes a website link on the PTC website. In turn, users are incentivised to watch these advertisements – usually for a short period of between 10 and 30 seconds – and are paid as a result.

This is different to normal advertising methods. With “normal” online advertisements, the website only gets paid when a user clicks or views a banner advert. However, paid to click sites run their own in-house adverts as opposed to using adverts from external advertising platforms. As such, they can freely allow their users to click adverts. If they encouraged users to click on advertising platform adverts, this would be in breach of the platform’s terms and conditions. However, since they run their own adverts, and advertisers are aware that users are being incentivised to view the adverts, this is legitimate and not in breach of any terms – at least for legitimate PTC sites (learn more about “Are Paid to Click Sites Legit?” and how to spot scam PTCs from our article on this topic, linked at the end of this post).

How Can Paid to Click Sites Pay Users for Advert Views?

Paid to click sites can pay their users for viewing adverts by rewarding the user with a percentage of their advert revenue. For example, if a PTC website was paid $0.02 per advert view by an advertiser, the PTC would then give users a share of this revenue to view the advert. For example, the PTC might keep $0.01 to cover its website costs. Meanwhile, the user would receive $0.01 as well as a reward for viewing the advert.

What Are The Benefits of PTC Sites?

There are many benefits of PTC sites. These benefits can make them great work from home opportunities for those wanting to make a part time top-up income from home. Today, we have made it our goal to sum up the benefits of paid to clicks as part of your work from home arsenal!

#1 PTC Sites Are Easy to Use!

This is, without a doubt, the number one benefit of PTC sites. They are exceptionally easy to use! In fact, there really isn’t any way to get confused with Paid to Click sites really – they are that straightforward! The PTC procedure is just as you would expect it to be: click, watch, repeat. Click an advert, watch the advert for the specified duration of time, and get paid for doing so! Then, just repeat this process and begin earning some supplementary cents!

#2 Paid to Click Sites Don’t Need a Great Deal of Attention!

Many work from home opportunities require you to give some degree of attention to what you are doing – but not paid to clicks! In fact, due to the simplicity of the work, all you need to do is load up the advert and sit back. This makes PTC sites a great opportunity to earn some supplementary cents when you would otherwise be idle – for example, while watching a movie or TV. You won’t lose any of the immersion in your film. Meanwhile, you earn a few cents in the background. What’s not to like?

#3 Multiple Payment Options

The vast majority of paid to click sites offer multiple payment options for their users. Some common payment options for users to try include AirTM, Skrill, Neteller, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Therefore, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to getting the cash that you earn from these sites!

#4 There are Lots of Different Paid to Click Sites Out There!

Ever felt spoiled for choice? Well, that’s absolutely the case when it comes to paid to click sites, because there are a massive number of options available to you! Indeed, you can sign up to as few or as many PTC sites as you want. This can help you maximize your earning potential. In addition, many PTCs offer different payouts for longer adverts. However, these can run out pretty quickly, leaving only lower adverts left. However, if you’re a member of multiple sites, you can focus your attention on only those higher value ads!

#5 There’s More Than Just One Way to Earn!

Finally, it’s worth noting that paid to click sites are so much more than that. As well as offering earning by clicking adverts, they also offer other earning options. These include offerwalls, surveys, paid games, referral payments, and more! As such, there is plenty of opportunity for people to make some cents on the side with Paid to Click sites.

Learn More About Paid to Click Sites!

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