Is Matched Betting Safe?

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Is Matched Betting Safe?

Have you ever asked yourself, as a new matched bettor, “is matched betting safe?” One of the biggest factors that stops people from getting involved with matched betting is almost certainly the fear about safety. After all, the clue’s in the title, right – matched betting. And surely, you might ask, any form of betting simply can’t be a safe option?

Well, fortunately for us, matched betting works a little differently to normal betting! Today, we’ll be looking at the differences between matched betting and normal betting. This will allow us to answer the question of, “Is matched betting safe?”

Understanding Matched Betting

In order to understand why matched betting is safer than normal betting, we first need to understand how matched betting works. We also need to compare this to normal betting – an option which we highly advise against as a means of making money!

How it Normally Works – The Bookie Always Wins!

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With normal betting, you place a punt on an outcome. For example, in horse racing (one of the most common types of matched betting) you normally place a punt on the winner of a race. With horse racing, you can also place each way bets, which will be betting on a horse coming in the top two/three/four/etc positions of the race. There is a big problem with this, though, and that is that you are taking a huge risk. Even if you analysed the horses’ performance to the nth degree, there’s no way to pick for certain the right horse; as such, in effect, you only have a one-in-ten chance of picking the right horse in a race with 10 runners, and so on. The chances of picking the winner is greater if there are fewer horses running, however, the odds you are offered will reflect this.

There is a key theme here that must be understood. The bookies are continually changing the odds that they offer – and they do this for one easy to understand reason. They want to make a profit no matter which horse wins. And so, the odds they offer change to reflect this. As such, the bookie always wins with normal betting.

Matched Betting Allows You to Avoid This Risk!

Matched betting is unlike normal betting. In normal betting, you are betting on your horse (in our above example) winning. In matched betting, however, you place two bets. You place a back (win) bet – that the horse will win the race. Then, you place a lay bet – that the horse will lose the race.

Make sure you understand these two terms before going any further:

  • Back bet – you are backing the chosen horse / team / player to win
  • Lay bet – you are betting that the chosen horse / team / player will lose

What does this mean? Well, there are two outcomes here: your horse either wins or loses, and you’ve bet on both! So, let’s say your horse wins the race – the money you staked on the back bet (to win) will be paid out! However, you’ll lose the money you staked on the lay bet (to lose). The same is true if your horse lost the race; you’ll lose your back bet, but you’ll win the lay bet.

In other words, the winnings and the losses cancel each other out. This is the principle behind no-risk matched betting, and is the reason that matched betting is safe!

is matched betting safe calculator oddsmonkey

This matched betting calculator from Oddsmonkey shows how much you should bet on both of your bets: back and lay. By placing the right qualifying bets, you’ll only ever stake a very small amount of money – so that, when you then get a free bet from the bookies, you’ll be able to guarantee a profit either way. 

So, Is Matched Betting a Safe Way to Earn From Home?

So, to answer the question we started with, is matched betting a safe way to earn a part-time, or even a full-time, income from home? Yes, absolutely! There are many no-risk matched betting options that can guarantee you a profit every time. As well as this, there are some matched betting offers that might risk a small amount of money. For example, a matter of pennies or cents. But these can have big pay outs if they should win – and so statistically, you will end up winning substantially more than you lose!


Disclaimer: All information published on the MyArmchairOffice website is the opinion of the article writer. It should not be taken directly as advice without considering your own circumstances, skills, etc. You should always consult advice from a financial advisor prior to making any decisions relating to finances. 

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