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The Safe and Legal Way to Make Money From Sports Betting!

Gambling – it’s risky and absolutely not advisable in any scenario if you’re hoping to actually make money; gambling is statistically designed so that the bookies make money from you every time! However, what if we were to tell you that there is a way to make money with betting – our matched betting blog will give you the answers you need!

What is Matched Betting?

So, what is matched betting? Before you get started, it is essential that you consider how it works to make sure it’s a work from home solution that is right for you. It’s also worth noting that there are many different approaches, so the way one person does it may differ from the next – find a method that works for you!

Prominent matched betting blog, Oddsmonkey, define matched betting as:

“A technique that allows you make money from the free bets and deals offered by online bookmakers. Rather than relying on luck, you cover all potential outcomes of an event by placing two bets so that you win no matter what happens. … Formulas or software calculate how much you need to stake on these bets in order to lock in a profit.”

This is a pretty good summary for the question of, “what is matched betting?”, we think. There are some key points that should be taken from this definition that best define matched betting:

  • Using free bets and deals to lock in a profit
  • Less / no reliance on luck with no-risk matched betting
  • Calculators tell you the best amount to bet so that you lock in profits from your bets

Is Matched Betting Legal?

So, is this legal? Surely, you might be asking, this sounds a little odd – can it really be possible to use no risk matched betting to make money from bookmaker offers and promotions? Well, yes! In fact, matched betting is entirely legal so long as you meet the minimum age limits for gambling (because it is still defined as such) in your country, and follow all of the rules for your bank account and the like. To learn more about the legalities around using bookie offers in this way, make sure to check out our blog post on “Is Matched Betting Legal?”


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