Winter £100 Giveaway!

What is Comping

MyArmchairOffice’s Big Winter Gleam Giveaway!

Want to win a share of £100 in cash (equivalent currencies are also be available)? We’re hosting a big gleam giveaway with six lucky winners, and one of those winners could be you! It’s completely free to enter our gleam giveaway, and you can return to our site every day to get more entries and more chances to win as well! Simply enter using the easy and responsive giveaway widget below, and stay on the lookout for future giveaways too!

How to Enter

Entering our big winter giveaway is really easy! Simply sign up to the giveaway widget and choose your favorite entry method. You can enter every day too for more chances to win, simply by clicking the “daily bonus entry” button. You can also get extra entries to our free £100 gleam giveaway by referring your friends and family (or anyone, frankly!), by visiting pages on our website and leaving comments on our posts, by writing posts about our website to help share the word, and by finding the bonus code that we hide somewhere on the website every day – we give a clue to make this easy, and once you’ve found the code, simply copy and paste it into the giveaway widget to get a massive 20 bonus entries!

£100 (Or Equivalent) Winter Giveaway!

Learn More About Comping!

Comping can be a great way to get free stuff during your free time – in fact, it’s a hobby that can be quite profitable for some people! As a website dedicated to helping people learn how to work from home, we think comping is a great hobby to pursue – it’s why we’re running this giveaway, and there are so many other websites offering free giveaways too! If you want to learn more about comping and making comping your new work from home hobby, check out our comping pages!

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Comping can win a huge number of exciting prizes, from small prizes such as hampers and treats to fully-paid holidays, new vehicles, and cash – like our £100/$100 gleam giveaway!


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